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Allan Francis Doyle [userpic]
by Allan Francis Doyle (__doyle)
at September 13th, 2005 (04:30 pm)

One strange family. Yep, that’s what they seemed to be. One very strange and odd family that really made no sense. I come here because of these damn visions and attempt to find this Angel fella. Instead I fall in line with a beautiful girl named Cordelia only to find out that well she has some stuff to her to. Although you’d have to say that everyone here had something to them. But according to her it was her fault this world was even like this. Wonder where I would be in the actual word, that is if everything she says was true.

She finally brought me to the place where she was staying and I meet this guy called Giles. Didn’t seem to trustin’ of me at all. I suppose that’s why I’m going to leave the whole demon mention out right now. Don’t need some of the only good guys I’ve found to go turning on me. Besides I wasn’t really in terms of my demon side either. Didn’t want to admit to it at all, especially in front of strangers who were all against the demons.

"See? These Powers That Be could help us! You're all smart with the books and research or whatever, and the whole Watcher deal going on. And you've never heard about the Powers That Be or people getting visions?"

As Cordy said all that to Giles I also gave him a look. “Yea, shouldn’t you know a thing or two about that sort of thing?” I give him a questioning look. Hearing about how smart and wise this guy was he should know right? “Bet you one of your books or something would tell a thing or two about it.” At least I hoped they did. Maybe that way I could get the fella to trust me a bit.

I mean if he was this watcher shouldn’t he know. Not that I really have a clue what a watcher is. Besides some of the stuff that Cordy told me about the slayer and guiding her and what not. The powers don’t give me that much information. Just some images in my head and screamin’ pain afterwards. I really should find out some more about this whole slayer deal.

Just then someone else also walked into the room. She of course also looked at me like she didn’t trust me. Guess that was something I’d have to get used to in this town, the whole not trusting issues. Cordy looked over to the girl and introduced her to me. "Maya - this is Doyle." I nod and extend my arm towards her.

“Nice to meet you.”

Really great. These people where the so called good guys and so far their team consisted of some older man who was suppose to be some sort of watcher, a girl that made a wish and changed time or something and now this other girl. Starts to make me wonder if I’m on the right side or not. Guess I’ll just have to wait till I find that Angel fella to get it all worked out.

“So are there anymore of you?” I glance around at them “Or is this the whole team.”

[tag Giles, Cordy and Maya]

Spike [userpic]
by Spike (love_to_brag)
at September 2nd, 2005 (03:33 am)

Bloody hell. Damn slayer thinks she can walk up in this town without going through me first. Didn’t get to make that great of an impression on her yet but that time will come. Can smell her scent all around me. Been watching her for a bit now. The way she moves, the way she hits all the stupid sods. Thinks she’s a real tough one now doesn’t she. That’ll change soon, I’ll make sure of that one.

I continue to watch her for a bit from afar. Have to say, could get tired of that. Needed to get in there myself, see if she wanted to dance at all. Making my way towards her I finally come out of the shadows.

“Well now, look at what we have here.” I say with a smirk as I pull out my pack of fags. I pull one out and place it between my lips lighting the damn thing up. Taking as much of the smoke in as I wanted to I exhaled it all. Wasn’t that grand of a thinking, smoking that is. Was dead so had no lungs. Still had a certain taste to it and didn’t have to worry bout the whole dying thing that they had to worry bout.

“What does a slayer like you do for fun round here?”

I make my way closer towards her. Still had the same thoughts bout the girl. Pretty little bird, wasn’t exactly slayer look. Well, did have that tough look and that scare but I could picture her being different.

“How bout you and I get this show up and running.” I give her a serious look “Both know why we’re here. Never was one for waiting about. Might as well get it over with as soon as we can. Got plans you know.”

I couldn’t wait till I could feel her neck snapping beneath my hands. That and the taste of her blood. Slayer’s blood was the best. Did something to you, something no ordinary bint’s blood could do to you.

[ Open to the Slayer if she's ready to play. And if Dru wants to maybe step in?]

maya_castillo [userpic]
Giles apt(training) - a couple of days after previous thread (open to all)
by maya_castillo (maya_castillo)
at August 27th, 2005 (10:57 pm)

Maya realized that the team needed some combat practice, or at least, she needed some practice. So she stared at what was in front of her, and realized that she shouldn't laugh- so what if it was held together by duct tape, and pulled out of the garbage?

It would have to do.

She began to hit the bag, not forcefully at first, then as her confidence rebuilt, she began practicing all the martial arts she knew. She was lost in her own world, as she beat up the bag. She managed all the kicks, and even staked the bag a few times as she practiced, all the time thinking of vampires.

There was a slayer, somewhere, but they weren't sure where. Maya realized that she had to remember her years of training, and help her new friends. She didn't have mystical strenght, or healing powers, but she knew how to fight, and where to stick a stake. She smiled to herself as she staked the bag right where a heart would be.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce [userpic]
by Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (_wes_pryce_)
at August 7th, 2005 (05:45 pm)

current mood: scared

PromisesCollapse )

Allan Francis Doyle [userpic]
Wasn't cut out for this sort of deal.
by Allan Francis Doyle (__doyle)
at August 7th, 2005 (01:58 am)

All fun and games, that’s what they tell you when your younger. But in the real world it ain’t like that at all. Who would have thought that I would now be running some crazy mission in only god knows what. This place Sunnydale, what was it even? But of course I had to be called to help guide some fallen champion. Thing is in a place like this, finding someone isn’t exactly the easiest. At least I found the ones that do the supposed good around these parts. Don’t even see how much of any good could do here. But hey maybe with me doing this whole path of helping out the Powers that Be and their fallen champion, then good can be done.

The place was already as strange as it was. Everyone dressed like they were living in the slums and the stores were mostly broken down with bits here and there. I couldn’t. I could only imagine what would happen if we couldn’t somehow put a stop to this mess. Or well, if they couldn’t. I’m not much of a fighter myself and don’t really see myself doing any good in that area. But hey I guess I can have those visions things, which really I don’t see why I’d need to have them here in this place. Tall dark and evils are running all over the place, don’t need a damn vision to find them. And I sure don’t need the bitchin’ migraine that follows after them.

“That was the strangest thing” I say to Cordy as we walk away from the fella we just encountered. Then again what am I talking about that being the strangest thing. We are in a place filled with strange things such as demons and all sorts of evils of the nights and I’m saying some guy bumping into us was strange. “Well…” I sort of looked a bit nervous there “-you uh know what I mean.” Smart one Doyle. Never gonna get the girl to like you at all. Not that I was doing that was I? I mean she was one hell of a looker and I do believe their could be a connection between us.

“So where was this place we were heading again? Oh yes Giles you said his name was?” I said as we started down the street once more. “Still can’t believe that guy knocked the groceries right out of our bag, I mean what was he thinking. It’s not as if these groceries come by easy for us.” I said in a slight joking tone trying to lighten up the whole situation as much as I could.

[ Tag Cordy and then Giles! ]

Angel [userpic]
Some promises are just too hard to keep
by Angel (mr_angel)
at August 5th, 2005 (01:08 am)

current mood: uncomfortable

Right. The blood I'd warmed for myself lasted oh.. twenty minutes or so after I'd finished it. I was running low on blood lately and having more would only make the supply even less. Blood was hard enough to come by these days with everything enough going on in this town. There was one place that actually would sell to me - a vampire. The only problem was that I had to find a way to get to that particular butcher's back door during daylight. With all the activity on the streets at night, no one who had half a brain would venture out of their houses after sunset. And the funny part? There were more of those people than one would believe.

Sighing for no particular reason and sighing with no air coming out of my lungs, I drummed my free hand on the arm of the chair. Why did I continue to do that anyway? I'm sure I'd done it when I was human, but honestly I can't remember. Maybe it was just the expression that one felt when sighing. Shaking my head, I stood and walked over to the sink. I lifted the glass to my lips again and got the last drops of the leftover blood. Scowling at the coldness of the blood now, I set the glass down in the sink and walked back over to the chair.

I scratched the back of my neck and looked around aimlessly. I hadn't been this restless in a long time. It wasn't simply staying indoors during the day because I'd learned to cope with that over the long months. No, there were two specific reasons I was feeling this way. One of them was asleep in the next room and the other was a promise I'd made to him. Here I was, a vampire with a soul, inside my small apartment with an injured Watcher who had no reason to trust me but for some reason did. Being here alone for the most part had been easy. No temptations, no musings in my head to just go in there and do the one act I knew I'd regret immediately afterwards. Sometimes the mental argument going on in my head seemed so convincing. It would be so easy.. and would anyone even notice?

Cursing at myself under my breath, I gripped my fists at my sides. I had to get out of this place, promise to stay or not. A good walk in the sewers and maybe a visit to the butcher's shop for more blood that I needed. Grabbing my coat, I pulled it on and paused for a moment as I headed towards the back door. Narrowing my eyes, I walked quietly over to the bedroom door and opened it a bit more from where it'd been cracked. I peeked inside and saw Wesley asleep on the bed. I'd be able to get back before he woke up right? After all, he'd looked so tired and the drink or two he'd had probably helped out a bit.

Pulling the door nearly shut again, I walked quietly to the back entrance to the apartment and walked down the stairs to the sewer entrance. I'd have to hurry, but I just had to get out of there for a while. Surely he'd thank me later.

Buffy Anne Summers [userpic]
The Rules Of Winning.
by Buffy Anne Summers (angelbuffy)
at August 5th, 2005 (12:15 am)

current mood: discontent
current song: Only The Strong - Flaw

I looked around the room. The dark, the dank, and cold musty room. Just how I liked it. It wasn't a place that reminded me of permanence, it was just a place for temporary reasons, and that gave me closure to the fact that I wouldn't be staying here long. Thank. God. The reason I was in this 'temporary sanctuary' wasn't because I didn't have a place to stay. Giles, Rupert Giles offered me a bed to stay in until this mess of Sunnydale was taken care of. But I much rather preferred here, away from all kinds of civilization, and people that I otherwise wouldn't give two inches. I was taught, when I first became a slayer that I needed to work alone, which was a polar opposite to what everyone was doing here. To be honest, it surprised me how much they fought back, together. This place was so run into the ground and up to necks in horrible situations, I would think that this place would be completely controlled by vampires. But no, it had a few people that called themselves 'white hats' whom fought together to get rid of if they were lucky, 2 vamps a night. This, in turn, got us hanging on by a thread. Not much progress mind you, but a small part of me had admired their strength in this situation. They were bound to lose, and yet they kept fighting. I wasn't going to flaunt my admiration to them, though. They were still stupid.

Stupid, yes.

It was amazing that there was still a sign of life here anyway. All these people knew that this place was a potential for bad, and they hadn't hightailed it out of here. This of course, makes the human race look rather small minded because whether they knew it or not, they were being seen as happy meals on legs by pathetic excuses for vampires. So this gives substance for the rise in vamps in this damn town, and makes me stay here to control the numbers. I wasn't here for the idiotic people, I didn't want to save them. We needed less of those kind of people in the world anyway. I was here because I was called in from Cleveland, by my watcher. I guess Ruper...t wasn't lying when he said that he needed help. There's only one of me in the world, and I only hoped that when I got back to Cleveland that it wouldn't be such a mess as this town. As if it was even worth salvaging. If I had that money, I'd order a full army to start at one end, and not stop till it reached the other. Maybe this place could be used as a landfill. Wouldn't get rid of the hellmouth, but it'd get rid of the people that still lived here. Maybe the smell would knock some sense into them...and in turn could make my job much, much easier.

All these vampires was like a slayers playground, really. I guess it all depended on how you looked at it. I was more of a half full girl myself. Especially in this town. I think someone like me had to be.

This town is what they made of it...Collapse )

((Open to Any and All.))

maya_castillo [userpic]
A walk at dusk - open to anyone out and about
by maya_castillo (maya_castillo)
at June 10th, 2005 (01:53 am)

Maya felt healed, and well enough to do more than sit in the apartment, cooking and cleaning.

They treated her like she needed protecting. She was tired of being protected. She wanted to find out who was responsoble for her families death, and destroy them, whoever- whatever it turned out to be.

She made sure she loaded up on stakes and holywater before tying a handmade crucifex around her neck. Walking softly, she carried her simple white canvas sneakers in one hand, and softly closed the apartment door behind her. The air was a warm 80 degrees as the sun began to set, and Maya found herself warm in the jean shorts and and hoodie that she wore.

She would return to the apartment, after she took care of some business.

Angel [userpic]
Things Change
by Angel (mr_angel)
at May 1st, 2005 (01:30 am)

current mood: uncomfortable

This was different, much different. I never would have thought that I'd be taking care of someone on my own like this - and a Watcher no less. This just wasn't something I ever expected to be doing. I left Wesley alone in the bedroom, leaving the door barely cracked as I made my way back into the main room. Sitting down on the couch, I stared forward at the wall and sighed. For the first time since I'd gotten back here I felt a bit tired. Tired and I could probably use a drink. Two things that were unavailable to me at the moment. Wesley was in the bed, and I'd left the bottle of liquor in the room with him. I had no idea if he'd want more, but I'm sure he needed it more than I did. All Wesley needed was a half drunk vampire walking around this place.

Standing, I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Searching for a moment, I picked up a container of blood and opened it. This would do for now. I was hungry, and I hadn't had anything since I'd been back. It would probably do me some good to drink something because for a while the smell of the blood.. Wesley's blood had gotten to me. It smelled so fresh, so human. I'd been on a diet from human blood for some time now.

Normally, avoiding the craving for human blood wasn't that hard because I was never around people in general. The only company I kept was myself of course, and the vampire scum that I went out to kill every night. Sure, I'd gotten the occasional person away from a vampire here and there, but afterwards they normally ran away from me faster than I thought possible. It was rare that anyone stayed around long enough for me to hear a thank you or even to find out if they were alright. Although, normally the running as fast as they could told me they were alright or would be alright.

The microwave stopped and I took out the blood that I'd warmed for myself. I walked back into the room and sat again on the couch. Drinking the blood, I looked around. If I hadn't promised Wesley that I'd stay here for the day, I'd be out that door. Probably just walk around in the sewers for a while, but at least it would keep me from sitting around here doing nothing. Why did I say that I'd stay anyway? Normally, I didn't care what type of promises I made to people, not that I ever made promises to anyone that mattered before now, but something was different now. I couldn't place it, but for some reason I cared what would happen to Wesley. Why that was.. I really didn't know.

Sipping the blood again, I leaned back onto the couch and rested the blood on my chest. Maybe I'd be able to sleep after all.

shiningbitch [userpic]
Dude...not my car!
by shiningbitch (shiningbitch)
at April 29th, 2005 (12:53 pm)

current mood: cranky

Sunnydale, sweet Sunnyhell. Garack was lucky I actually liked his spiny hide, or there would've been no way in *hell* I would've set one foot or wheel in that pissant of an evily over run town.

But there I was, cruising past the large 'Welcome to Sunnydale' sign, in my beautiful new black camero. I could feel the taint in the area, like slimy hands carressing the light within me. Basically...it sucked.

I locked my doors, and arched an eyebrow watching people through my window as I drove down the streets. I think it was around the time I was gawking at the skinny brunette with chest melons larger than her head...when I heard and felt the thump. "What the f-"

Slamming on my brakes I watched with wide eyes as the body slide down my car hood. "-eahuck." That was just nasty, all that saliva and green stuff. Turning on my windshield wipers, I grimaced and watched the idiot who had decided to jump infront of my car.

He...was not moving. Sighing I unlocked my door and climbed out into the lovely California sun. "Um...would you mind getting the hell off my car? Thanks buddy..."

The body rolled off of my hood and I glared at the groaning male. He was still breathing, so in my books...he should've already been out of my way. But oooh no, he had to moan and groan and put on quite thet show.

I nudged him with my boot, and let out a shriek as he moved his hand wiping green slimy stuff on my jeans. "Jeezus...that's just gross...okay. Pity party over. Get your slimy green shoulda been a carcass arse off the pretty pavement and go on home to Mommy Disgusting Innards."

He started to get up and confirmed my suspicions that anything *that* stupid could not have been human. I mean, seriously...humans were pretty idiotic, but they did not make it a habit to try to get up after being hit by a car. Then I saw the dent. I nice, half a human sized dent right on my car hood.

"...you dented my car."

He stared at me, humanoid mask back in place. "Dude..you hit me with your car."


He stared again. "What?"

I pinched the bridge of my nose and closed my eyes. "I'm giving you a 5 second head start. You dented my baby, I get to dent you. 5.."

I think he got that I wasn't joking when I relocked my car door, leaving it in the middle of of the street. "4...1..." And then, I took off chasing the seemingly young male down the street in the middle of the day. Social standing be damned...the idiot dented my car!

(Open to Anybody wandering about in the day time)

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